If Mama Sang: Louis Walker

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Hackworths 1900

This is a "duh" moment for me. I was just over at a Genealogy page put together by Terri Radstone. I was studying some photos she had there. Some photos she has been able to identifiy; others, she hasn't. I decided to be sure that I had the captions correct and was working on the photo of Luther (upper left) when I realized: duh! It is taken the same time and the same place as the two photos of the Hackworths that include my Grandfather, Louis Walker at 13 with his father John L., and John L. with his father John Jackson (other two photos on this page). Somewhere along the way in my research I believe I read that Ada was married at her brother John's house. I think these photos were taken at John's house in Wayne County (I've been there). I wonder if the ocassion would have been Ada's wedding (if the year fits it would be a yes). Why would they have all gotten together and had so many photos taken?

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