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The above header/image is a rollover (use your mouse) for a "Then" and "Now" photo exchange.

I hope to be able to post all our photos here and tell some stories. The Chronicles of Us. We are so many and it's been a long journey. This would probably be better illustrated as a quilt with pieces, textures and colors. But for now this will have to do. I'll have to start with facts, and perhaps then can move to soul.


I repeat: I was five when Larry was born. My dad was in the National Guard, so he was called up and went to serve in Korea and was not home when Larry was born. I remember mom talking to dad on the phone to tell him about Larry and clicking him on the bottom of his foot so dad could hear him cry.

Elementary school:

Larry started school in Kindergarten at South School. He will have to tell his story..

junior high years:

After South, all five of us continued on to our Junior High School years (7-8-9) which met in the West Elementary School building. The basement level was Art, Music, Home Ec and Shop. The upper two floors housed the classrooms and study halls. The main floor was the Principal, Superintendent's office and the elementary-aged students.

high school years:

Larry was in a band called "The Keepers". It was a big time for garage bands .. or in his case basement bands (never had a garage)


post high school

Larry started work right out of high school ... Larry... give me some info:

Rest of you ... Comment here!

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