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Taken from a Power Point: Movin' On! Created in 2004.(It opens in it's own window and can be closed to come back to this page.

This is a power point presentation that I made for myself. I was on my way to Ohio to pick up my dad when I first heard this song. The words, "I never dreamed home would be somewhere I don't belong" grabbed my heart. Also, ".. life would be patiently waiting for me". .. and I know that there's no guarantee .. and so many of the phrases of Rascal Flatt's song, "Moving On" .. that I knew I had to put something together.

The only photo that was staged was "I filled up on the way out of town" . I actually filled up on the way out of town, but I had my sister take the photo. Events are true. Photographing it was a little hoaky, I admit.

I worked out my grief of losing my father and having to sell the family home in this presentation. The timing may be a little off .. but you'll get the picture. :-)

Thanks for sharing the experience with me. P.S. Today, there are many photographs I would like to change. But I won't.


I hope to further be able to post all our photos here and tell some stories. The Chronicles of Us. We are so many and it's been a long journey. This would probably be better illustrated as a quilt with pieces, textures and colors. But for now this will have to do. I'll have to start with facts, and perhaps then can move to soul.


our beginnings

Mom and Dad met in Clovis or Albuquerque New Mexico. Dad was in the military (Air Force, I think) and Mom had moved there from Piedmont to live with some friends. They were married in Adrian, Michigan. Jerry and I drove there -- unfortunately not until 2007 when there was no longer anyone we could ask questions of. We took photos of the Court House and drove home on the road Mom and Dad probably drove on as they went to their home in Galion. Early photos. We lived at 504 1/2 South Union Street. They lived there when I was born in the Galion Community Hospital.

I was an only child for only a couple of years. My brother Russ joined us shortly after my second birthday. Photos. I remember living in Ft. Riley Kansas when my dad was in the Army. Although I was only three, I have some pretty vivid memories of that time.

I was five when Larry was born. My dad was in the National Guard, so he was called up and went to serve in Korea and was not home when Larry was born. I remember mom talking to dad on the phone to tell him about Larry and clicking him on the bottom of his foot so dad could hear him cry.

We lived on Charles Street in a rented second floor apartment we always referred to as "Mingerts" -- likely named after the people that owned it. I remember clearly when my dad came home. I answered the door and hollared for my mom that dad was home. While he was gone, I started kindergarten at the East School in Galion. I also remember a visit from my Aunt Hazel with at least two of her daughters, Laura and Sandra. Mom didn't drive and I don't remember a lot of company.

Greg was born when I was ten and we lived on South Street. He was very special and I spent a lot of time with him. I used to fix him his cocoa bottles.

Lisa was born when I was in 7th grade. At last a sister!

Elementary school

The elementary schhol structure in Galion in the 50's was such that there were four elementary schools. North, South, East and West. I was the only one in my family to attend East School (kindergarten). We moved to South Street when I was in first grade and from there on we all spent our elementary years at South school. When I was in 7th grade we moved to Market Street, but were still in the South school area.

junior high

After South, all five of us continued on to our Junior High School years (7-8-9) which met in the West Elementary School building. The basement level was Art, Music, Home Ec and Shop. The upper two floors housed the classrooms and study halls. The main floor was the Principal, Superintendent's office and the elementary-aged students.

high school

High School -- our Sophomore, Junior and Senior years -- were spent at Galion Senior High. Technically we were Freshmen in 9th grade, but never really thought of ourselves that way.

The class of '64 was the last class to graduate from the "old" auditorium. The Boomers were on their way through the python. 2008 the school was demolished.

“Hail to the Orange
Hail to the Blue
Hail Alma Mater
Every so true.
We love no other
So let our motto be ..
Vic-tor-y, Victo-ry ... Var-Si-Ty .”

post high school

more ...