If Mama Sang: Sarah Rosalee

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Puzzles: Aunt Rosie loved puzzles. Both working them and making them. As soon as I find the ones she made of us, I will post them. They are in my stuff. I promise.

PansiesPansies: No acknowledgment of Aunt Rosie would be complete without talking about her love of pansies. She loved them because she thought they looked like little people. I have a project I want to do with pansies and Aunt Rosie. We'll see what happens with that :-) !


According to Mom's book (she was third born, so has few memories of Rosie's birth), February 27, 1922.

"Thirteen months after their wedding, Sarah Rosalee was born in the little house, deliverd by the family doctor, George Toney, who Grandma claimed as a shirt-tail cousin." (If Mama Sang, p. 24)

Thanks, Aunt Rosie, for sharing your photos with me. I consider it my family responsibility to make them available to everyone interested. You helped make it possible. You are loved.

Good-bye Aunt Rosie

Windows Media Video Click on the video link on the left. I'm not sure if it will stream or download to your computer. It is not a huge file. It will likely not play on a MAC. If you have any problem with it, please let me know. I did not want to post it on f/b and I took it down from YouTube. Note to Scott and Karen: I'm sure you will recognize all these places. You may have even seen this already. Cousin Kathie

Brad and I went to Colorado with the sisters to take Aunt Rosie's ashes back to the place she loved. These photos were taken in early September and put in this tribute to a beloved Sister/Aunt. The music is "Love Theme for the Deer Hunter"