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January 18, 2007
| Day Dreaming |
Bill Wells

This page has always been dedicated to Aunt Hazel's poetry and photos of things we've done. However, in keeping with the purpose of "If Mama Sang" -- archiving family history --I have to post what I have -- the best of the best.

This is the start. On the lower left is a man I always knew as my uncle, Bill Wells. He is pictured here with his mom, dad, and two brothers. That's all I know. More when I know it.


Once upon a morning
Before the sun was up
I'd put some coffee on to brew
Then filled my coffee cup
I looked outside by back door
There right before my eyes
were results of my endeavor
But still a great surprise
For early in the spring-time
Some bulbs and seeds I'd found
So I quickly made a flower bed
And put them in the ground
Once I had set the seeds in place
And lightly tamped the sod
So gently came the rain and sun
This nourishment from God
These flowers are more than lovely
On their stately spiral stalks
By far my favorite blossoms
These bright pink hollyhocks

signed: Hazel H. Wells
September 10, 1997


Day Dreaming

(This poem was in Aunt Ruth's house. She let me have it to record it for us)

Today while I was dreming ...
As I so often do.
I was sitting in the candle light ...
At a table just for two.
He'd say that he would meet me ...
When the day was through.
And oh! I start wo wonder:
Could we start our life anew?
But now it's getting rather late ...
And hard as I may try,
I cannot hide my feelings ...
So my eyes do not stay dry.
Then with a start ... I realize ...
This tale's not as it seems:
That he can never meet me here.
For this is just a dream.

When I Pray

I wonder if this hurt I feel will ever go away;
If it's only here awhile or is it here to stay?
It's present in the morning before I lift my head;
And here and there through-out the day and when I go to bed.

Night is when the hurting .. seems more than I can bear.
Until I came to realize there's One who really cares.
He lifts my heavy burdens .. of grief and fear and pain.
Then He renews my spirit so that I can rest again.

Without His tender loving care I know where I would be
In the depth of dark depression .. so blind I could not see.
But with His kind and caring ways, His spirit always near,
He reaches deep inside my soul and takes away my fear.

If I am still and listen, to the strong, small voice inside,
Tthen He reveals His presence and with me He abides.
No matter what, or when or where .. in rain or cloud-less days;
I know that He is listening amd He hears me when I pray.

Hazel H. Wells

Luke 1:27 "For with God nothing shall be impossible"

In Lilac Time

In lilac time ... I reminisced
Fond mem'ries I did trace
When lilacs perfumed springtime air
From petals soft as lace

In one bouquet ... as clear as day ...
I saw my mother's face
Then ... I sensed her presence ...
And ... I felt her warm embrace

Her countenance was radiant ...
As fresh as morning dew
More lovely than a rainbow
Or the lilacs' purple hue

I knew these blossoms were her choice
From spring's enchanting bowers
Then ever-so-softly she spoke to me
Through language of the flowers

Hazel H. Wells
June 25, 1993

Thank You, Lord

Tlhank you Lord for birds and bees
For moon and stars and lofty trees
For flowers that bloom in early spring
For fresh air, sun and joys they bring
For food and shelter ... rest at night
For children's smiles and rainbows bright
For wind and rain .. then skies of blue
For friends and neighbors ... family, too
We've all these things .. because of you
Thank you for being so good!

Hazel H. Wells
March 11, 1992

The Lucky Cat

I'm an orphan kitten
No one to call my own
I betcha, if you loved me
Then I'd feel right at home
Cause I'm a tiny kitty-cat
And I don't eat much food
Just a saucer full of milk
Would surely taste real good
I'm shabby, cold and hungry
My home ... I have no clue
But if you'd make a place for me
Then I would purr for you
For I am good at purring
Before I take a nap
And what could make me happier
Than purring on your lap
I know some other kittens
That you have taken in
They're now well-fed and thriving
They once were cold and thin
Now ... you're my lovely lady
And I'm your Lucky cat
When we're togethr .. may I say
Nothing is nicer than that

Hazel H. Wells

This was the first of a letter from Aunt Hazel to the Hazletts

Procrastination is my sin
It brings me lots of sorrow
I know that I should stop it
In fact, I will ... tomorow.

Followed by three, wonderful, caring, newsy notebook pages of hand-written love, ending with:
I love you all, Aunt Hazel "Did not pro of. All mistakes are hugs and kisses."

January 18, 2007

Aunt Hazel has so many stories to go with these photos.

  • The Piedmont homestead (as close as we could get)
  • The Morris Family (p. 147)
  • The railroad track photo, and the Poplar Bluff depot at 2 a.m. (when we arrived) and 6 a.m. (when we departed) Aunt Hazel wanted to see if she still could "walk the tracks" like back in the day.
  • MacKenzie Creek (as in "swimming in")
  • Clark's Mountain (front side -- looking down Elm Street and backside across the field)
  • The Hackworth Homestead (a view towards where the homestead used to be and toward the fields; the well-casing with Uncle Frank's handprint (sans a finger) in the side.
  • Frieda Roemig's water pump
  • The church steps where Aunt Hazel used to jump off on the way home from school everyday. She'd run up to the tenth step (where the photo was taken) and jump off the side (which she decided not to reinact)
  • A photo of the old, old school house
  • The house where the "Waylands" used to live (I think).
  • Mill Spring .. a former home location
  • The Anderson house (p. 152).
  • The American Hotel (where our Grandpa (their father) at steak).
  • The Masonic Cemetery
  • Piedmont Library
  • The Cave where they hid their shoes to and from school and the same cave mom wrote a poem about (p. 167)

Just ask her about these: e-mail her at Sandra's address -- OR you can buy the book and read all about all these landmarks in "If Mama Sang". (shamless plug)