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May 2008

May 2008
The above photos (click to enlarge) were taken at a chance meeting in May 2008. We both happened to be at Aunt Ruth's house at the same time. Eddie was on his way to Columbus to a cousin's (?) wedding; and we were on our way to Taylor's graduation in Millersburg. I called my sister over and we had a reunion of sorts: four generations: Names are on the photo.

Eddie was born July 3, 1956. He was raised in Louisiana and is a REAL family man. He and Mary have two girls, Jessica and Christy. Jessica has a son and a daughter. Those kids are loved!

  I took a train trip in October, 2008 to visit. There will be a slide show soon of all of Aunt Frieda's family with all the stuff we did. It was a full weekend. Chinese buffet, Casino, Horse Races, Shopping, Food, Fishing, more Shopping, Garage Sailing, and "Touring" at the Riverwalk, Church, Family Food and Hanging Out. Wow!
  Church service music have your sound on and let Mary listen, too.
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