If Mama Sang: Edith Mae Stowers Hackworth

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Fifth Grade Gradecard Edith's Grade Card

Treasure: This is a copy of Edith May Stowers gradecard from May 21, 1915, signed by her mother R. E. Stowers. That would be Rose Etta Stowers. Her fourth grade teacher was Mary L. D..............

Although the name of the pupil is "May" Stowers, I have a copy of my mother's gradecard with her signature on it, and it is spelled "Mae". Mae was born in 1901.

landscape painting

504 south union
This is a photo of a picture that hung in my grandmother's house. It is in my cousin's home in Shreveport. Just for fun -- I put it back in the photo below: See it peeking at the very top? The house on the left was purchased when the family moved to Galion after leaving Piedmont in the early 40s. They lived in it until my grandmother passed away in 1964. These two houses sat across from the Erie Depot and between two railroad tracks -- the Erie and a set of switch tracks.

Grandma's House