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JJ's descendants

This page is in response to Robie Prater's e-mail:

"Hello allow me to say hi from another Hackworth family member, Patrick Hackworth sent me your address. May I ask which is your family line? Thanks and God Bless you"

Robie: Does this help?

I also received an e-mail from Mary-Ann Parrish Tomlinson:

" Mary-Ann Parrish Tomlinson here--yes, Adaline Hackworth Parrish Fobbs is the sister of George, John, and Luther Hackworth. She was my grandmother.

My father John Willis Parrish had five sisters and one brother all with the last name of Parrish. My understanding is that my father's Dad passed away at a young age from a tooth infection and left Ada with seven children, my father being third from the youngest, and my Uncle Elmer being the seventh child.

Around 1952 my parents took us to Pocatello where we stayed with Uncle Luther and his wife ?Mabel? for a few days. Seems like we met a lot of aunts uncles and cousins at that time.

Incidentally, I had four brothers:

  • John Westly Parrish 12 -09-1940,(Mary-Ann 7-06-1942)
  • Michael Elmer Parrish b. 6-20-1944 d 2-4-1992 (killed by a drunk driver)
  • David Harvey Parrish 12-02-1945
  • George Walter Parrish 5-19-1950.
  • Dad passed away Sept 24, 2005 b 7-30-1911
  • Our mother Ethel Louis McCrone passed away 3-2-1980 b 10-26-1916
Patrick, Thanks for forwarding the info from Kathie regarding George Henry Hackworth

Robie: See if this George and Jeremiah are the same ones as your family:


This is mostly a repeat of information found on my personal website: Seize The Season