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July 13:

Evan Charles Hoffpauir

Good Evening to all!

Just a quick note to let you all know that after MONTHS of debating we have finally chosen a name for our baby!!! His name has special meaning and will be Evan Charles Hoffpauir! Bryan seemed to have a special bond with his fraternal Grandmother Eva Lee and we wanted to incorporate her name into our child’s name somehow so Bryan thought Evan sounded good. He had lots of fond memories of his maternal Grandfather and so we decided to use his middle name of Charles for our baby. I know Bryan will enjoy telling stories to Evan about the wonderful times he had with these two people that are his namesake as I have enjoyed listening to Bryan talk fondly of them. I never had the honor of meeting these two special people but feel as though I know them as I listen to Bryan tell all the timeless memories he had with each of them!

I hope this email finds each of you in good health and spirits!

Love to all

Bryan, Lisa, and Baby Evan!!

Good Evening to all!

Baby and I have had a long day today! We started off the morning by going to our regular OB appt. It was glucose testing time so I had to drink the equivalent to a flat un-carbonated Sunkist. It wasn’t too bad! Had to wait an hour then have my blood drawn and the results will be in by the end of the week. The purpose of this test is to see if I have gestational diabetes. All went well the rest of that appointment and we were off to go have lunch with Granny Sandra! In the afternoon we had an appointment with  a special ultrasound place (not affiliated with the doctor just for fun!) that does 3d/4d ultrasounds. This place was great and the lady who does it was wonderful! It is a 30 min session where we get to see 3d/4d images of the baby (I have attached a few of the real good ones for your viewing pleasure!) and get to see real time what he was doing! He seems to like to snuggle up against my placenta with his hand and foot on his head!!! Hehe so it took a little persuading to get him to cooperate with us but he decided to let us see his beautiful face!! When we first started we saw him opening and closing his mouth like he was drinking!!! It is just amazing how technology can show us things like that!!! His nose looks flat and big because there is no cartilage in it yet so it will look a little different once he is born!

I would like to share with ya’ll the names we are thinking about:

Hayden Wayne
Brandon Lee
Brandon Wayne

Please feel free to comment on what you think about these names!

We have been very blessed to have had a healthy pregnancy so far!

We have been working on getting his room ready and I will post pictures of it when we are done with it!

Hope this email finds each of you in good health!

Baby Boy Hoffpauir Baby Boy Hoffpauir 2
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